Relative Humidity Transducer

Relative Humidity Transducer

Relative Humidity Transducer


MODEL TA-502/TA-503

Excellent durability
The sensor has an excellent durability in dry as well as wet atmospheres over the entire temperature range. 

The sensor can easily be replaced within 2%rH accuracy without any calibration or adjustment.


Wide measuring range

Relative humidity (rH): 0~100%

Temperature:- 25~100°C (sensor head)& nbsp; & nbsp;-5~55°C (Electronics)


TA-502/TA-503 uses a special rH sensor TI-A which has been designed and developed to meet the demand of high quality measurement of relative humidity. TA-502/TA-503 has compact light weight design. It is available with rigid metal type, flexible cable type or duct type sensor heads. Options like LCD/LED display and temperature sensing or transmitting circuit. If required EMI shielded or extended length sensor and/or output cable can be provided. Analog 4~20mA output is available for 0~100% rH scale. TA-502/TA-503 is ideally suited for various industrial applications where long term accuracy and stability is important.


High temperature humidity sensor

TI-A has been developed utilizing next generation humidity sensing A-polymer.

It is highly durable especially in wet atmospheres at high temperature. It has excellent linearity, fast response low hysteresis and minimal dependency on temperature that makes it suitable sensor for accurate relative humidity measurement over a long time period.

I-A has excellent interchangeability. 
Standard sensor is fitted with dust filter for use in industrial environment.

Types of Sensor Heads

Rigid metal probe (B)    S-type (straight type) or L-type (angle type)
Standard probe lengths 75mm, 300mm or 450mm (max.)

Flexible cable probe (C)    Flexible cable suitable up to 100°C
Standard cable lengths: 500mm, 1,000mm & 2,000mm (max.)

Duct type probe (D)    S-type (straight type) or L-type (angle type), Rubber pad provided for duct mounting, standard probe lengths 75mm, 300mm or 450mm (max.)


S-type (straight type) rigid probe

L-type (angle type) rigid probe

Long Term Stability Test Results Of TI-A Sensor 

Condition Duration Drift
At 80°C/ 95%rH 250 days <±2% rH
At 90°C, 90% rH 240 days <±2% rH
At 100°C, dry 5 years <±2% rH
At 40°C, 95%Rh 5 years <±2% rH
In Freezer (-25°C) 2 years <±1% rH
At 150°C, dry 5 years <±2% rH
In tap water 70 hours <±2% rH
Dipped in pure distilled   70 hours <±1% rH
Dipped in ethanol 10 minutes <±2% rH
Inside room 800 days <±1% rH
In chicken farm 3 months <±2% rH
In hog farm 3 months <±2% rH
In urban city air 1 year <±2% rH
In seaside air 10 months <±1% rH
-20°C (2 hour) to 120°C (2 hours) 24 cycles <±2% rH

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