Corona Discharge Checker

Corona Discharge Checker

Corona Discharge Checker

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MK-720 Corona Discharge Checker

MK-720 enables finding of insulation deterioration on insulators, disconnectors, and circuit breakers, at hot-line condition!

• Non-contact checking at hot-line condition is enabled by ultrasonic discharge sound detection.
• MK-720 distinguishes discharge from other noises by frequency analysis.
• Precise detection in ±8° area.
• MK-720 records measurement data. And the data is easily transferable to PC via USB cable.
• MK-720 generates audible sound from Corona discharge and transmits through an earphone.



Corona discharge induced by insulation deterioration of AC power facility generates ultrasonic wave on wide band.
Twice-frequency is clearly observed by frequency analysis of enveloped ultrasound because this ultrasonic wave changes its intensity synchronizing with phase of electric power.
MK-720 can detect discharge without influence of sounds occurred from other source by detecting strength of twice-frequency.


Power supply 4 dry AA battery (For continuous 8 hours operation)
Size 174mm (W) × 272mm (H) × 98mm (D)
Mass Approx. 400grams (excluding batteries)
Standard configuration 1 Main unit, 1 USB cable, 4 dry AA batteries, 1 earphone, 1 communication software (CD-ROM, MK-9804), 1 strap, 1 Instruction manual
Option Carrying case (MK-9703), Carrying bag (MK-9702), Reference oscillator (MP-161)

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