High Temperature Fiber Products

High Temperature Fiber Products

High Temperature Fiber Products

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Continuous ceramic fiber is a Boron-free, Alumina-Silica poly crystal made up of several thousand fine filaments that gives it excellent flexibility and allows it to be readily transformed into various textile forms such as thread, rope, woven cloth, tape and braided sleeve without the aid of any other organic fiber.
Continuous ceramic fiber has properties such as high tensile strength and modulus, excellent thermal resistance and outstanding electrical insulation. It has a wide range of applications in high temperature operating environment. 


• Superior flexibility
• Does not absorb moisture
• Excellent thermal resistance
• Good thermal insulation properties
• Good electrical insulation properties 


Color White
Fiber form Continuous
Filament diameter 7 microns
Chemical composition Al2O3 (72%) + SiO2 (28%)
Crystal type Gamma Al2O3
Density 2.9 g/cm3
Tensile strength 200 Kgs/mm2
Tensile modulus 17,000 Kgs/mm2
Thermal resistance Up to 1,250°C

Tensile strength retention percentage vs increasing temperature curve shown below:

• Type E: Alumina (60%) and Silica (40%) for max. application temperature: 1,200°C
• Type G: Alumina (80%) and Silica (20%) for max. application temperature: 1,300°C


• Thermal insulation rings (disks and collars) for diffusion furnaces used in the semi-conductor manufacturing process. 
• Furnace linings. 
• Heat-Shielding curtain.
• Thermal insulation seals or packing materials. 
• Thermal insulation coverings for thermocouple cables and wires.
• Roller covers for tempered glass plate manufacturing.
• Filters for molten aluminum or other metals.
• Spacers for the heat treatment of metal or other materials.
• Abrasive for plastic wet stone.
• Insulators around generator and aircraft/rocket engines.
• Catalyst carries.
• Electrical and thermal insulators for diesel particulate filter systems (DPF).
• Others.



• Ceramic fiber felt
Ceramic fiber felt is produced from chopped long fibers containing alumina (72%) and silica (28%) providing overwhelmingly higher heat resistance as compared to felt containing heat-resistant organic fibers. It also has advantage of being more compact for air flow resistance. Ceramic felt less resistance to air flow can also be provided by parallel orientation of the fibers.

•  Chopped ceramic fiber yarn

•  Colored ceramic fiber yarn

•  Low impurity grade long alumina fiber


•  Ceramic fiber fabricated products
   Ceramic fiber fabricated products like disk and collars for use in diffusion furnaces at temperature of up to 1,300°C. 



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 It has excellent heat resistance property. It can endure  continuous use at temperatures as high as  1,260°C. 

 It has excellent resistance to chemicals, especially against  corrosive acids. 

 It possesses good electrical insulation property, low thermal  conductivity and low electric loss even at  elevated  temperatures.

 Its extra-long fibers help it retain its shape and mechanical strength even after heat  processing or after bending. 

 It possesses adequate elasticity and shock absorbing capacity making it suitable as a  buffer or cushion material for high  temperature applications.


It has wide range of applications from use as insulation material in domestic heating appliances to various industrial applications such as gasket/packing material for high temperature parts, filling material to allow brick expansion, packing material for thermocouple protection tubes protective material for induction furnace coil and as packing material inside boilers, driers and engines. Chemical resistance, erosion resistance as well as heat resistance makes it ideally suitable for filtering and absorbing gases or liquids in high temperature environment. Due to its shock absorbing characteristics it can be used as a cushion material for filter inside chimney at plants such as thermal power station or garbage processing plants. It is especially suitable for applications that need thin structure high temperature insulation material.


Ceramic fiber paper is made of extremely fine inorganic fibers of alumina and Silica with a very small amount of organic binder. It is an inert material with excellent heat resistance and heat insulation properties. It can be formed into thin or thick structure paper sheets with thickness ranging from 1~4mm.


Color White
Temperature resistance (maximum) 1,260°C
Density 0.18 ~ 0.21 g/m3
Heat conductibility At 1,000°C: 0.168 kcal/m·Hr·°C


Product name Ceramic fiber paper
Type/model 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0
Thickness (mm) 1.0~1.2 2.0~2.2 3.0~3.2 4.0~4.2
Width Standard, 1,000mm + 30mm for edges
Weight per square meter ( g/m2) 240 440 590 770
Density ( g/cm3 ) 0.20 0.20 0.19 0.18
Tensile strength at normal temperature (kg/50mm) Vertical 4.0 5.5 6.5 8.0
Horizontal 3.5 >5.0 6.0 7.5
Tensile strength after 800°C combustion (kg/50mm) Vertical 0.4 0.9 1.0 1.1
Horizontal 0.4 0.7 0.9 1.0
Heat shrinkage (%) 5.0

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