Mass Flow Instruments

Mass Flow Instruments

Mass Flow Instruments

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The technology is widely used for manufacturing semiconductors, liquid crystal, optical fibers and other electronic devices, gas supply for fuel cells, and fuel gas control for burners, foods, biotechnology, as well as for experimental facilities and production/inspection systems in many other industries.

Types of Mass Flow Instrument –

Mass Flow Controller  / Meter –
In comparison with the conventional mechanical products, the mass flow measurement/control technology used in a mass flow meter and controller extracts electrical signals from the flow without significantly influencing the temperature or pressure, thus permitting sophisticated flow measurement and control.
Float Type  Area Flow Meter –
An area flow meter has a float in a conical cylinder (tapered tube) with a larger end in the upper section and a smaller end in the lower section. The float moves up and down according to the intensity of the flow, and the position at which the float balances indicates the flow rate. Not only simple flow meters that merely measure the flow rate but also flow meters with a valve for flow control, flow meters with a load pressure fluctuation type flow controller, flow meters with a supply pressure fluctuation type flow controller, and flow meters with an alarm switch are available.
Pressure Regulating Valve -
The pressure regulating valve controls the pressure applied to the flow to keep it constant or reduce the pressure during flow control.
Gas Generator –
A gas generator is a device for generating gas. A gas generator may create gas by a chemical reaction or from a solid or liquid source, when storing a pressurized gas is undesirable or impractical. 
We have such type of gas generator –
Nitrogen Gas Generator 
Oxygen Gas Generator 
Hydrogen Gas Generator 
Ozone Gas Generator.

Applications –
1. Bio – Process 
2. Dry Coating
3. Optical Fiber
4. Fuel Cells
5. Furnace 
6. Semiconductor manufacturing process
7. Photovoltaic manufacturing process
8. Test Gas Generation
9. Superconductor 
10. Liquid Crystal

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