Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay

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SSRs are semiconductor devices that can be used instead of mechanical relays to switch electricity to a load in several applications. They are purely electronic devices, normally composed of a low current control side and a high current load side (switching side). SSRs feature electrical isolation in thousands of volts between the control and the load side. This is achieved through optical isolation using an optoelectronic device, such as a photo coupler. 

Features -

-Using a optocoupler (photocoupler) in the circuit realized high reliability, high speed, high frequency control and miniaturization compared with an electromagnetic relay (EMR).
-The SSR operates on a low signal, and has excellent vibration resistance, impact resistance and moisture resistance.
-The SSR also has excellent environmental characteristics without noise.


1. Long life and reliability    
2. High switching frequency    
3. No contact arcing and bounce    
4. Maximum switching capacity    
5. Vibration and shock resistance    
6. No electromechanical noise    
7. Electromagnetic noise resistance    
8. Phase angle control mode    
9. High switching speed    
10.Logic compatibility
11.Low input current

Types of Solid State Relay -

PCB Mount Model
Printed circuit board (PCB) relays are compact relay devices used for power management in control system designs which require the relay to be mounted directly on the printed circuit board. ... Reed Relays Fast, reliable low level switching in a very small package.
Panel Mounted Type
Panel Mount Solid State Relays are designed to easily mount on flat panels or heat sinks with screws through the SSR’s  base plate. Available in various industry standard sizes, the panel mount relay is currently the most used mounting type in the solid state relay market.
Built-in Heat Sink Type
These solid-state relays stay cool due to the built-in heat sinks. Heat sinks are mounted to the relay to dissipate heat during use so that the relay can switch to the highest rated current

Application Range

SSRs are not only used in industrial machinery, such as machining centers and industrial robots, but are also widely used in the following fields which support electric appliances and our daily lives.

Heating control Lighting control Motion control Miscellaneous and future applications

1. Air conditioning
2. Commercial / industrial cooking equipment
3. Commercial coffee machines
4. Drying machine
5. Furnaces, home heating, infrared heating
6. Industrial cleaning equipment
7. Industrial cooling – heating of liquids
8. Packaging machine
9. Plastic injection molding / thermoforming
10.Railroad signals
11.Solder Wave / Reflow Systems
12.Sterilization machine
13.Testing equipment – temperature chamber
14.Textile machines

Benefits: Temperature accuracy, soft start, safe, long life, no maintenance, easy to interface

1. Airport runway lamps
2. Cinema lighting
3. Display lighting
4. Dramatic theatrical effects
5. Mobile stage shows
6. Motorway information systems
7. Public lighting
8. Road lighting
9. Theatre lamps
10.Traffic signal systems

Benefits: Silent operation, dimming, safe, long life, no maintenance, easy to interface, fast switching

1. Amusement machine
2. Automatic door operation
3. Automatic ticket gate
4. Change maker / money machine
5. Compressors
6. Conveyors belts
7. Lifts + Escalators
8. Packaging machines
9. Printing machines
10.Pumps / Valves
12.Semi-conductor manufacturing
13.Tooling machines

Benefits: Long life, shock + vibration resistance, soft start, reversing, no maintenance, easy to interface, no arcing, fast switching

1. Aerospace
2. Consumer electronics
3. Defense equipment
4. Driverless vehicles
5. GPS system
6. Medical equipment
7. Power factor corrector
8. Security equipment
9. Transformer starting
11.Uninterrupted power supplies
12.X-ray machine

Future demand: reduced switching times, increased efficiency and high voltage levels of up to 60 KVs.


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