Particle Sensor Unit PPD42NJ

Particle Sensor Unit PPD42NJ

Particle Sensor Unit PPD42NJ

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Our Particle Sensors, PPD42NJ and PPD20V can detect dust in your house and automatically control air-purifiers and air-quality monitors by installing the sensor in your products. And a newly developed PPD60PV can detect particles cleanliness class 100,000 ~ 1,000,000, it can be installed in Fan Filter Units and Clean Systems to control cleanliness of operation line. By consulting your expected usage, we can recommend a particle sensor that best suits your needs.

Application : Air Purifier, Air Quality Monitor, Air Conditioner, Ventilator.


Based on the light scattering method, it always detects airborne particles. Pulse output that  corresponds to concentration per unit volume of particles can be obtained, with using an  original detection method based on light scattered principle similar to the particle counter. 


How it works

•  Heater (resistor) generating updraft. Infrared light beam from LED has been focused with Lens to sensing point at the center.
•  Airborne particles have been taken into the sensor box with the updraft.
•  Particle passing through sensing point scatters light and receptor receive scattered light through the lens and transformed into pulse signal.
   Pulse per unit time is proportional to the particle concentration.

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