Molded RTD Probe

Molded RTD Probe

Molded RTD Probe

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Product Name is (RTD MPT B)


• Low cost
• Water-tight
• Construction
• Easy to use flexible design
• Temperature range: -50~105°C
• Employs standard Pt 100 or Pt 1000 DIN platinum resistance temperature elements
• Direct temperature measurement without need of any further assembly.


MPT temperature sensor is made up of Pt 100W or Pt-1000W platinum resistance temperature detector and connection cable molded together in thermoplastic rubber insulation. The sensor can be used for direct temperature measurement in air or liquids. The connection cable can be connected to a temperature indicator for display of temperature. MPT sensor features small size, flexible vibration-proof design and completely waterproof construction. The sensor is available in either 2-wire or 4-wire designs with standard one meter long connecting cable. Extra cable is available upon request from customers. Optional stainless steel enclosures are available to protect the probe tip. 


MPT has numerous applications in various types of industries for contact type or immersion temperature measurement in air or liquids within the range of  -50 to 105°C. It can be used in chemical industries for continuous immersion in corrosive liquids e.g., electrolytic processes and for temperature measurement of hot or frosted pipe-lines. It is hygienic for temperature measurement in food industry as it does not contaminate food products. It also finds applications for temperature measurement in automobile or other vibrating machinery.  It can also be used as a sub-assembly for low temperature resistance temperature detector assemblies.

Direct temperature measurement of hot liquids

Temperature measurement of frosted pipe-lines

Long time dipping in corrosive liquids

Technical Specifications 

  Sensing element

 Single RTD, 1 Pt 100W at 0°C or 1 Pt 1000W at 0°C as per IEC 751  class B or class A* (* class A available only for Pt 100 probes with 4-  wire circuit)

  Type of construction

 Sensor and extension cable molded together as one hot vulcanized  unit

  Temperature range

 -50 ~ 105°C

  Cable data

 2 or 4 stranded copper wires 0.35 mm2 (22 AWG), each conductor  polypropylene insulated, overall thermoplastic  elastomer insulation,  outer diameter ~ 3.5mm

  Insulation resistance

 100 MW with 100 Vd.c.

Optional stainless steel case 

 SS 316 case (50 mm length X 6mm OD or 100mm length X 6mm OD)  is available for protection of the sensor tip


 Markings of accuracy report,  manufacturing date and tractability  (available only for probes with SS case)



Standard MPT probe

MPT probe with SS cap

Calibration Report
MPT probes with SS cap can be supplied with calibration report engraved on the ca. The calibration repor provides information on temperature reading at 0°C and calibration date.

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